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Connectivity is an essential and vital part of today's age. Whether at home or at work you will need a Trusted Technology Partner to help guide you. We at Universal IT Services will assist you in identifying your needs and finding the best solution for you. Below will give you an idea of what each connection's pros are. If you wish for us to assist you in making the best choice, click here and fill in the form.

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Wired Connectivity


Lightning fast home and business class fibre connections on uncapped and capped services to future proof your connectivity needs.


Widley available with speeds of up to 40mb/s, ADLS or VDSL is a great alternative to Fibre for homes, small and medium size businesses.

Wirelss Connectivity


LTE / LTE-A is a fast and mobile solution for those who do not yet have access to fibre and want speeds greater thank ADSL. SA mobile networks give an average of 20 to 40mb/s download speeds.


Point to Point links with Speed and reliability of fibre as a temporary solution till fibre is deployed or a permanent solution for areas where fibre is not planned for.


ADSL, mobile (3G/LTE), wireless, remote Access, internal networks & redundancy.

Residential or business Complex not Fibre Ready?

Is your complex in a fibre ready area but not lit up? Often Residential and business complexes are overlooked when laying infrastructure in an area for Fibre. Very seldom do residents and businesses in complexes know that their complex could be fibre ready before any provider comes into the area. We at Universal IT Services would like to help you get your complex online with the next generation of Connectivity with the right provider. To start the process of getting your complex on fibre, simply fill out the form on our Contact Us page or call us on +27 87 802 2956.

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